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Mainline Rooter in West Hills, Woodland Hills

Mainline Rooter

Mainline Rooter Services

Every drain in your home – your sink drains, shower and tub drains, washing machine drains, and toilets – are connected to your home’s main sewer line. When you wash something down your sink, take a shower, wash clothes or flush your toilet, that waste water goes down a vertical drain line that ties into a larger horizontal main line and then into public sewer systems.

Clogs in the main line underneath your home might be unseen, but can cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing if not addressed properly. Having sewer water come back up through a fixture or drain is a nightmare for homeowners, but Green’s Plumbing in West Hills is here to stop the problem and prevent it from happening again.

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Warning signs of a main sewer clog

  • Multiple drains are backed up
  • Gurgling sound coming from the plumbing fixtures
  • Water overflows into different plumbing fixtures
  •  Unpleasant sewage smell coming from your drains


A sewer line clog may be caused by tree roots, mineral deposits or a broken pipe. Green’s Plumbing has several techniques available to clear clogs on the main line. With our experienced and highly-trained plumbing experts and camera technology, we can clear those persistent stoppages in the most efficient, cost-effective and permanent way possible.

Green’s Plumbing provides the sewer cleaning services that residents in West Hills, Woodland Hills and surrounding areas have relied on for 26 years. Call us today to schedule an appointment (818) 880-8847.

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