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Earthquake Shut-off Valve

Importance of an Earthquake Shut-off Valve

Living in Southern California, the risk of an earthquake occurring always looms on the horizon. Seismic activity can quickly disrupt your home’s foundation and cause damage to your pipes, so it’s critical to restrict the flow of natural gas in order to prevent the leakage of dangerous gas into your home.

Benefits of an Earthquake Shut-off Valve

  • In the event of an earthquake of 5.1 or higher, your earthquake shut-off valve automatically closes the gas line, even when you are not home.
  • A shut-off valve can save your home from fires and damages when resources are most strained during an earthquake.
  • The City of Los Angeles currently requires the installation of an automatic gas shut-off valve on any house being sold, and it may soon be a required update on all homes.

To learn more about earthquake shutoff valves, contact our gas plumbing experts at Green’s Plumbing (818) 880-8847 to schedule a free visual inspection.

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