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Gas Leak Repair

Gas Leak Repair

Prompt and Thorough Gas Leak Repair

A gas leak is one of the most dangerous plumbing issues and you should never ignore it. It requires immediate attention because not only can it harm your family’s health, but can also put your home at risk for fire or explosion.

Signs of a Natural Gas Leak

  • Dead or dying grass and plants around the affected area.
  • Unpleasant odor which smells much like rotten eggs or sulfur.
  • A distinct hissing noise or roaring sound near the gas lines.

What To Do If You Have a Gas Leak

If you suspect a gas leak in your home, evacuate the premises and call the experts at Green’s Plumbing (818) 880-8847 for an immediate inspection. Our licensed and experienced plumbers are highly-trained in identifying gas leak issues and performing prompt and safe gas line repairs.

Gas Leak Prevention and Repair   

In most areas, homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of gas lines and components on your side of the meter. You can prevent catastrophic failure of your gas plumbing components by having a licensed plumber inspect your pipes, fittings and other components on a regular basis. Our team of knowledgeable gas plumbing professionals not only offers preventative maintenance services for gas lines but also promptly repairs sudden leaks to restore the function and safety of your natural gas system.

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