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Clear Signs of Household Water Damage

Clear Signs of Household Water Damage - Clear Signs of Household Water Damage
  • October 09, 2020

Some forms of water damage are very obvious. In other cases, people might be surprised to learn that they have experienced this sort of a household disaster. People still underestimate the damages associated with household water damage, figuring that they are probably all right as long as a significant flood did not happen. Sadly, this is not the case. Plenty of houses degrade over time because of the long-term effects of water damage. The people who can recognize these problems very early in the process will be much more likely to salvage their homes in time fully.

Unexplained Stains
Water stains are sometimes more challenging to see than other stains, but they can still leave many clear traces when people know what they should look for in their home. If there is water damage, then the stains will probably occur on the ceilings. If those stains are specifically located below the upstairs bathroom, people have even more reason to believe that they are dealing with water damage.

Weakened Drywall
There are many consequences associated with untreated water damage. Water can damage the drywall of a house if left untreated. If people notice that there are places where the drywall seems to be misshapen, they should consider the possibility that this was an area that was damaged by water at some point in time.

People who have problems with household mold typically also have water damage. Slow and steady water leaks can cause mold to form, or these water leaks can strengthen an existing case of mold. The mold itself can become a problem, but that does not mean that it is the only consequence of the water leak. Those leaks can still damage that section of the house. The mold will only damage it further.

Strange Odors
While mold has a strong tendency to smell, a house that has been damaged by water can form an odor even if there is no issue with mold specifically. When wood and different building materials are wet, bacteria tend to gather there. Those bacteria colonies can produce plenty of unique odors of their own. While these sorts of issues are not as potentially damaging as mold, they can still be unpleasant. People absolutely must get them addressed. Calling a profession to do all necessary repairs is your best bet.

Wallpaper and Paint Damage
Water damage can certainly have negative consequences for the entire house. Sometimes, that damage can be more cosmetic than anything else. Still, replacing a home’s wallpaper or paint can be expensive and complicated. Wallpaper is inherently vulnerable to water damage, and this is also the case with plenty of different forms of household paint.

Water Expenses
People should not just look at the effects of water damage on assessing the situation. They should pay attention to the causes, the house could be damaged by water because of a natural disaster or something that is happening outdoors. However, in many cases, these plumbing issues are caused by internal residential household plumbing problems. People might be paying for the various water leaks that are slowly destroying their homes, which only makes things worse. If people see all of these signs in place at once, they should contact companies like Greens Plumbing immediately.

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