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5 Yearly Benefits of Drain Cleaning

5 Yearly Benefits of Drain Cleaning - 5 Yearly Benefits of Drain Cleaning
  • September 25, 2020

Most homeowners have a major blind spot regarding a home maintenance routine: the drainpipes. Most do not even consider regular drain cleaning until there is an issue like foul-smelling gases being released into the home or a clogged drain backing up the flow of water. However, these are non-problematic when following a preventative maintenance routine.

Five Benefits of Drain Cleaning
While the concept of preventative maintenance sounds advantageous, what are the specific benefits of thoroughly cleaning your home’s drains on occasion?

Improve Drain Life
Chemical deposits in your drainpipes can result in corrosion, which can cause leaks. However, with regular cleaning, you can prevent leaks from forming while extending your pipes’ longevity. This will save significant money in the long run from replacing existing pipes.

More Efficient Drainage
The most noticeable benefit of a regular drain cleaning is that the water will flow and drain faster than in the past. No longer will water stand in the drain and slowly gurgle down into the pipe (if this is your experience now, then your pipes probably need a cleaning!). This means that clean drains and fixtures are unlikely to overflow or create standing water. This point is especially important for toilet drains since these pipes must be clear to prevent backflow.

Prevent Damage
As mentioned, chemical deposits can corrode the pipes in your home, and toilets overflow due to clogs. The side effects of these issues are damage to the plumbing system and the surrounding support area can form mold due to water from leaks and spills. However, regularly cleaning the pipes can eliminate this damage and prevent wastewater that is loaded with bacteria and chemicals, which can cause discoloration on the floors and walls, resulting in major expenses to fix or replace them.

Prevent Foul Odors and Clogs
Many associate foul odors with their toilet, but not maintaining a regular cleaning in your drain results in accumulating bacteria and mold, which produces unpleasant smells throughout your home and causes blockages. Mold spores and other types of bacteria get in damp and dark environments, precisely what your drains and pipes provide. Therefore, do not rely upon only the regular water flow to wash away debris as it is unlikely enough. Give the drain a thorough cleaning to destroy bacteria and mold, while forcing out any clogs and buildup.

Reduce Expenses
Keeping your drains clean can prevent various serious problems ranging from overflowing of water and sewage to unsanitary conditions within the home. Therefore, a professional plumbing company needs to clean the lines while looking for other piping system issues. Older pipes break down over time, and debris can build up. However, maintaining a regular drain cleaning routine will eliminate this issue, thus saving you money on expensive pipe replacement.

Often, clearing and cleaning drain need more than vinegar to fix the issue or provide preventative maintenance. In this case, the best option is to thoroughly clean the pipes using tools to eliminate clogs, buildup, bacteria, mold, and other nasties that live in the pipes unnoticed. Therefore, whether you wish to gain the benefits of a total system cleanout or to keep the kitchen drain as clean as possible, it is important to contact a professional to assist with these requests. regular drain cleaning day!

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