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Here’s Why You Need an Earthquake Shutoff Valve and How It Could Save Your Life!

how Earthquake Shutoff Valve can save your life

Earthquake shutoff valves could be some of the best ways to enhance your safety and potentially save your life.



Most homeowners out there do whatever they can to maximize the safety of their households. At times, this means installing alarms and other safety devices. Other times is to do whatever they can to shelter their prized home and possessions from natural disasters. Let’s be honest – earthquakes and other calamities are hard to avoid, but at least you can give your home a better chance if you take the right precautions! With the recent earthquakes in mid-California and Los Angeles Region, more and more homeowners are looking to fortify their houses and properties with potentially life-saving features. One of the most popular and sought-after safety features is an earthquake shutoff valve. These features are relatively affordable, and they can add so much versatility to the safety infrastructure of your property!

In short, the shutoff valve essentially detects the strength of the seismic activity and cuts off your gas supply if the level seems too risky.

There are many reputable providers who offer earthquake valve Installation services in West Hills, so if you are considering this particular solution, there are plenty of excellent options in your area.


Gas Leaks

As you might know, earthquakes are fearsome occurrences, and they can cause a wide range of issues. From mild damage, such as broken glasses or flowerpots, down to complete obliteration of a building or structure, anything goes, depending on the scope of and severity of the Earthquake. Despite these obviously dangerous effects, there is another huge risk that’s often associated with Earthquakes but seldom mentioned: gas leaks.

Earthquakes can indeed disturb the gas infrastructure with all the shaking, leading to potential leaks.

Gas leaks could cause fires and destroy property, it is also incredibly dangerous for people health’s. In some cases, excessive exposure to gas might even be fatal! An earthquake shutoff valve acts as a failsafe mechanism, so to speak, enabling users to stop the flow of gas and prevent harm and danger.


Gas Shutoff Valve

These valves are quite easy to operate. In fact, they have a mechanism to detect earthquakes with enough strength to cause gas pipe damage, and it works automatically. This means the gas will shut off, even if you are not actually there! The benefit of this mechanism is that the reaction time is quick, and you won’t have to worry about finding and turning off the gas. If you are away and/or unable to turn off the gas on your own, this is also a perfect solution.

It is also important to remember that you need to comply with state regulations when installing your shutoff valve and make sure that there are no specific restrictions in the municipality where you reside.

Unattended gas leaks might cause fire and huge explosions, with the potential to really cause significant destruction. A shutoff valve will work automatically, and it is an amazing way to ensure you won’t run into such issues.

In conclusion, there are many Earthquake Valve Installation experts throughout the San Fernando Valley and consulting a reputable firm like Green’s Plumbing might be able to show you the best solutions for your particular needs.

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