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3 Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

Things You Should Never Flush
  • September 07, 2018

Toilet bowls are deceptively big for the waste type, size and amount they can actually handle. Modern toilet drains only have a 4 ½ inch diameter, which makes flushing unconventional items a very bad idea. If you flush the wrong things down the drain, the items could end up stuck in the line, necessitating removal with local plumbing services before you can use your toilet again. Therefore, in the interest of keeping your toilet functional at all times, avoid flushing the three following items down your toilet.

Wet Wipes

Unlike toilet paper, which rapidly dissolves in water, wet wipes retain their integrity far longer than the time it takes to pass into the sewer or septic system. These wet wipes tend to clump up together as a result, which slows their passage through the lines and increases the risks of clogs. Throw the wet wipes into the trash after use to prevent your toilet from backing up expectedly.

Feminine Products

Feminine products, including tampons, are designed to absorb water and become many times their original size. When these products are flushed down the toilet, the swell up and block the outlet pipes going to the sewer or septic system. If this occurs, water could start to back up out of your toilet and onto your floor if the products are not removed by plumbers in West Hills.

Cat Waste

Although the EPA recommends flushing dog waste down the toilet as a preferred method of disposal, cat waste is an entirely different store. In addition to potentially spreading parasites that cannot be removed from the local water supply, feline waste usually comes with litter that might absorb water and clog your plumbing lines. Bag and throw away all cat litter and waste to keep your plumbing system, and the local water supply, in great condition.

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With rare exception, the only thing that should be flushed down your toilet is human waste and toilet paper. If unexpected items whirl down the drain and cause a major clog, contact your plumbers in West Hills to start the diagnosis and repair process. To acquire local plumbing services when you need them, call (818) 880-8847 to schedule an appointment with the experts at Green’s Plumbing. Your plumbing experts will help you resolve common issues to keep your household plumbing system in great working

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