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The Most Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in your House

Causes of Low Water Pressure
  • August 03, 2018

Low water pressure can disrupt your ability to do your dishes, take a shower and even water your lawn. When you do not have the water pressure you need, your interactions with your plumbing will surely leave you frustrated. With help from your local plumbing services, you can track down the source of your problem and restore the water pressure to every fixture in your home.

Corrosion, Mineral Deposits and Debris

If made from steel or galvanized materials, the clean water pipes running to your home can develop corrosion buildup on the inner surfaces over the years. Minerals and debris can also cause similar buildup that blocks water flow to your fixtures. The layer of corrosion, mineral deposits and debris can leave your water pressure at a trickle until resolved.

Pipe or Fixture Leaks

Leaks at a pipe junction or fixture can decrease your waterflow considerably. Check for this issue by shutting off your water taps and checking the meter. Record the meter every couple hours without running the water to see if you are losing water somewhere. If so, acquire plumbing services in Woodland Hills to immediately rectify the problem.

Local Water Supply Errors

Malfunctions at the local water supply location can leave you without proper water flow until the city performs the proper repairs. You can call your water company to determine if they are having problems that could impact the flow of water to your home.

Acquire Plumbing Services in Woodland Hills to Restore Your Water Pressure

With plumbing services in Woodland Hills at your disposal, you can quickly and efficiently resolve your water pressure issues. Your local plumbing services will help you identify the main cause of the pressure decreases, and then complete all repairs needed to resolve the problem. Start tracking down the cause of low water pressure today, by giving our team at Green’s Plumbing a call at (818) 880-8847 to schedule a FREE estimate.

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