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Smart Residential Leak Detection Tips to Prevent High Water Bills

Leak detection big - Smart Residential Leak Detection Tips to Prevent High Water Bills

When left unchecked, plumbing leaks in your home can waste nearly 100 gallons of water per day. The leaks can occur nearly anywhere from dripping outdoor faucets to worn toilet valves. You must actively monitor your water usage and take preventative leak detection steps to keep your household water consumption under control. Once you have control of your plumbing leaks, you can expect your bill to go down by up to 10 percent each month. Here’s how to proceed with this smart task.

Read the Water Meter Monthly

Your water meter reveals exactly how much water your household goes through each day. You can read the meter at the beginning of each month and record the numbers in a chart to use for the year. As you update the chart, look for any sharp increases in water consumption without a known case. If you notice a problem, investigate your home for leaks with help from a skilled plumber.

Watch for Signs of Leaks

You can actively monitor your plumbing for leaks by watching for the most common warning signs. Damp spots in the ceiling or floor, mildew on the walls and musty smells can all indicate the presence of a leak in that area. Investigate around appliances and other equipment, including the water heater, for signs of a plumbing problem. As soon as you notice signs of a leak, you must report the problem to a plumber to receive assistance with the necessary repairs. You can acquire plumbing or water heater repair in Woodland Hills to resolve the issue and keep your water bill at a manageable level.

Acquire Regular Plumbing Inspections

You can schedule regular plumbing inspections to resolve developing issues before leaks can occur. Your plumbing professional will assess the condition of your pipes and other components to determine if your home requires any repairs. During these preventative visits, your plumber can perform drain cleaning in West Hills to resolve any issues that have developed since your last service appointment. We invite you to schedule your FREE estimate today by calling Green’s Plumbing at (818) 880-8847.

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