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3 Ways Your Plumbing Can Cause Major Water Damage in Your Home

3 Ways Your Plumbing Can Cause Major Water Damage in Your Home

With most of your plumbing tucked away behind the walls and beneath the floorboards, it is important to know just where to watch for the presence of leaks. Without prompt identification and repairs, even the smallest leaks can quickly cause major water damage in your home. Thankfully, you can closely watch these three key areas to reduce the chance of water damage getting the best of you.


Even when your toilet looks like it is appropriately doing its job, a leak could be occurring just beneath the wax ring. With the presence of a tough clog, the sewage backflow may leak into the space between the toilet, floor and backerboard.

As the leak progresses, the wastewater will start dripping into a downstairs living space, basement or crawlspace, depending on the toilet’s location. As this problem develops, you may spot moisture coming from around the base of the toilet or simply notice an odd smell in your bathroom. A thorough drain cleaning in West Hills can help rectify this problem, though the wax ring will likely still require replacement.


Appliances that process water through inlet and outlet pumps can develop leaks in hidden spaces across your home. Take a close look at the placement of your water heater, dishwasher, clothes washer and refrigerator, if equipped with an icemaker or water dispenser, to identify the location of your water lines going to and from those appliances. The leaks can develop at any point in those lines, especially if the pipes are old or damaged. Inlet pipe leaks are easy to spot in the form of increased water usage rates, but outlet leaks are more difficult to detect before water damage occurs.

Sump Pumps

Although sump pumps tend to chug along fine without intervention, malfunctions or outright failures can occur, leaving your basement prone to flooding. The sump pump may start to make strange noises before its parts fail, though that is not a given. Make sure to inspect the function of your sump pump during and after heavy rains to detect the water leak before it has time to cause extensive damage.

Schedule Your Plumbing Inspection and Repair Services Today

The best way to prevent and repair leaks is with help from your trusted West Hills plumber. Your plumber will help you identify high risk appliances and other areas in your house to help you detect leaks early. If you would like to schedule your free estimate, give the team at Green’s Plumbing a call at 818-880-8847 today.

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