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Plumbing Tips

Everyday Causes of Smelly Water and Stinky Drains

Are you dealing with smelly water and stinky drains?  Healthy, clean drains and pipes help create a safe and comfortable home. However, there are instances that create the perfect conditions for that “rotten egg” smell to drift throughout a home. Sometimes it’s hard to know which drain is the stinker, so here’s a simple trick: […]

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How to Detect Leaks Using Your Water Meter

Did you know that you can use your water meter to check for leaks? Follow these 6 easy tips to see if you have a water leak in your home.  Where to find the water meter: Most water meters are in the sidewalk or driveway next to the sidewalk.  Make sure the water meter area is […]

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Water Sub-Meter: Paying Too Much For Your Water?

  Did you know that the Los Angeles City Council authorized a procedure in which their DWP customers may install a private Water Sub-Meter on their property to calculate the actual amount of water that goes into the city sewer system via the drainage and sewer systems in their home?  Customers use data from private water […]

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Toilet Repairs Needed Due to Drop-In Toilet Cleaners

  Given the dirty nature of bathrooms, and toilets in particular, all homeowners want to find fast and easy ways to clean in these spaces. That’s why many choose to use the drop-in toilet cleaners that often come in the form of bleach-chlorine tablets. These tablets may seem like simple solutions, but they are often […]

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Flushing Your Water Heater – Do It Yourself Tips

 Flushing Your Water Heater – Do It Yourself Tips Your water heater may be one of the appliances in your home you take for granted – until it stops working and you wind up in a chilly shower.  Much like changing your car’s oil, your water heater needs to be properly flushed and drained yearly […]

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5 Types of Costly Clogs and How to Avoid Them

5 Types of Costly Clogs and How to Avoid Them Ah, the wonders of indoor plumbing. Every step of getting ready in the morning requires working plumbing and there is nothing worse than finding out any one of your bathroom fixtures are clogged! Nothing throws a wrench in your morning routine like a clogged drain. […]

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Got Gas? Let a Professional Handle It

Got Gas? Let A Professional Handle It… We’re here to talk to you about gas… meaning the thing that fuels some fireplaces, water heaters, grills, stoves and so on. When you think of needing a plumber, you tend to think of things that are all water related like fixing your toilet, leaky faucet, installing a […]

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What To Do If Your Dishwasher Is Not Draining Completely

What To Do If Your Dishwasher Is Not Draining Completely Is your dishwasher not draining completely?  Although your first thought might be to repair or replace the dishwasher, the problem could actually be with the plumbing.  If the water from the dishwasher encounters a blockage on its way to the drain pipe, it will have […]

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How a Flushing Toilet Works…In Case You Were Wondering…

           How a Flushing Toilet Works  The toilet works by a simple mechanism and is based on gravity. Every toilet commode consists of a bowl, the flushing mechanism and, a refill mechanism. The most vital component is the bowl which can do all the functions a toilet needs to perform alone without the need for […]

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Who Invented the Toilet? The centerpiece of today’s modern bathroom

Who Invented the Toilet? The centerpiece of today’s modern bathroom, the flush toilet has equal roots in ancient sanitation practices, Elizabethan politics and Industrial Revolution know-how. Primitive latrines that utilized a constant stream of water to carry away waste date back at least 5,000 years, and early toilet systems were used by several ancient civilizations. […]

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