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Green’s Plumbing Reviews

At Green’s Plumbing, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We love our customers and the fact that they appreciate our work just as much as we appreciate their business. We often get feedback and testimonials from our customers for the work that we perform and would like to publish a few of those for everyone to read.

We have found Ed Green to be honest and extremely professional, which is a rarity in the contractor world. We had a washing machine leak, which we quickly found out was due to a lint trap falling into the pipe and blocking it. So all we needed was a plumber to come and snake it out. After being stood up by another plumber, we called Ed to see if he could come in and fix the problem for us. He was available first thing the following morning, however upon hearing what the problem was, he actually suggested that my husband might be able to fix it himself and instructed him what to do. And lo and behold, it worked! And just like that, we ended up saving more than $100.
We really appreciated the honesty and Ed will be the first plumber we call for all future plumbing needs going forward. Ed is smart enough to realize that, by being honest and offering great customer care in a field that desperately needs it, he might be losing a job in the short term, but he’s likely gaining a lifelong customer. All that with just 5 minutes of his time. Not many contractors realize that and that’s unfortunate, but hey, survival of the fittest, right?
Really happy that we were finally able to find someone reliable to call should a need arise after encountering our fair share of problem plumbers.

Christina T

5 Types of Costly Clogs and How to Avoid Them

Ah, the wonders of indoor plumbing.  Every step of getting ready in the morning requires working plumbing and there is nothing worse than finding out any one of your bathroom fixtures are clogged!  Nothing throws a wrench in your morning routine like a clogged drain. Clogs aren’t isolated to the bathroom either, they can happen anywhere you have a drain, including the kitchen and laundry room.  Luckily, there are only so many types of clogs, and even the worst clogs can typically be easily taken care of.  Don’t let clogs cost you time or money.  Look out for the following types of clogs to help you avoid future problems.

The most common culprit of holding up your day with clogs is good old-fashioned hair.  Whether it’s the whiskers being shaved in the bathroom sink, or hair being washed in the shower, all those glorious locks add up to some serious blockage in drains.  You can avoid these clogs altogether by installing inexpensive drain catches in your shower and bathroom sinks, or wherever you groom.  Clean it out regularly to avoid clogs and it will save your pipes.  It’s also a good idea to get your bathroom drains cleaned regularly to avoid clogs.

Soap scum, dead skin, random debris, and hair work together to create a perfect storm of clogged drains in your bathroom.  Often, the glue that holds clogs together in bathroom drains is the soap scum created from soaps, shampoos and conditioners.  Like with hair, drain catches are a good preventative measure to take for avoiding clogs.  While the catch won’t be able to keep soap suds from getting through, it will filter out hair and other material.  For showers, a mesh drain catch can work even better, because the fine holes in the mesh help further break down soap so that large chunks of bar soap, or thick conditioners can’t get through so easily.

Objects that find their way down drains, but aren’t meant to be there, can cause big problems.  Whether it’s a cotton ball down the bathroom sink, or a toy down the toilet, objects that don’t break down in water will cause clogs.  For sinks and showers, drain catches will once again help solve this issue, but for larger drains like toilets, there’s not much you can do to avoid objects being accidentally flushed than simply being careful!  Keep lids closed around small children.  Toilets can also get clogged by things like paper towels and feminine hygiene products, which don’t break down easily.

When it comes to outdoor sewage lines and you have an unexplained blockage, more than likely it’s not from inside the house, it’s probably tree roots.  There’s no messing around with these types of blockages and you’ll want to call in the professionals.  Green’s Plumbing is able to inspect your sewage lines using cameras in order to determine what is blocking your lines.  If it’s tree roots that are the cause, we will be sure to solve the problem.

Kitchen clogs are a beast of their own.  Food remnants, pan grease, and even little pieces of trash can find their way into your kitchen sink’s drain.  All of this can add up to some serious clogs. Luckily there are some simple ways to avoid the mess: scrape food off in a compost bin, use the garbage disposal and never put grease down the drain.  Any of these can cause a drain to backup so these tips will help you avoid those kitchen clogs.

Clogged drains are not a good way to start your day!  Follow these simple preventative measures to help keep your drains running free and clear.  And if all else fails and you find yourself with a terrible clog, call Green’s Plumbing, we will save the day!

5 Types of Costly Clogs and How to Avoid Them

We’ve been using Green’s Plumbing for over 10 years, and we never call anyone else.  They are awesome!! Brian was here today, and he went above and beyond to take care of everything for us. Thank you!!:)

Denise S.'s 5 Star Review on YELP


Second time calling for help.

Had a leaking shower. They showed up in 1 hour and problem solved.

Thank you so much for a quick and reliable service.

EE's 5 Star Review on Yelp

We highly recommend Green’s Plumbing for quality, fair prices, trust and dependability. Ed has been an asset to our home for a number of years and wouldn’t know what to do without him!

Barbara S.'s 5 Star Review re: Quality & Fair Prices

Ed Green has been our plumber for 15 years. He has helped us through multiple floods and household disasters: burst pipes, exploding high pressure toilet, several pipes bursting and an exploded water heater. He shows up on time, is honest and fair and always does a great job! We recommend him to all our friends.

Hollye D.'s 5 Star Review on Yelp

I called because of a problem with my shower valve that had a couple of other plumbers stumped.  Ed and Brian came out and within 15 minutes had figured out the problem.  They were polite, professional and cleaned up thoroughly when they finished.  I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Adriana S.'s 5 Star Review on Yelp re: Shower Valve

Highly recommended! Will definitely use again. Very trustworthy, on time, & helpful. Prices are very fair and they did a fantastic job.

"Highly Recommend" Bambee E.'s 5 Star Yelp Review

Dear Mr. Green, Thank you for all the efforts you extended during my recent accident.  There are no words to convey how special you have been to me, however please know I do not take your efforts for granted and know how much it meant to me. Thank you, Thank you!

Helen S's Thank You

04/11/2016 – Barbara M.- Angie’s List Review
I called in the morning and they came early in the afternoon. Very responsive!! There was water coming up through the grout in our bathroom floor. We had already changed the toilet ring since that was closest to the leak. Brian came and found the leak right away. It was behind the shower wall caused by a hole in the valve that adjusts the water temperature. When we went into my closet behind the shower, it was all wet and just starting to mold. He cut a small square out of the dry(wet)wall and did the repair – replacing the old plastic part with a new brass one. He kept the fix as reasonable as possible by reusing older parts until we can replace the whole thing at a future time. He sprayed bleach and water into the wet areas and suggested I set up a fan to dry. I was truly impressed with his knowledge and efficiency. He was also very gracious and polite. This is our second time to use this company and we are SO glad we found them!!


Barbara MAngie's List