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The 3 Must-See Kitchen Trends You Need

The kitchen sees a lot of traffic, between routine meal prep, family time, and cooking up favorite dishes for company. Make it a room you’ll want to linger in with these on-trend ideas for your own home – full of color, smart functionality, and “Why didn’t I think of that?” innovations. Here are three unique trends heating up the kitchen design industry right now:

Colorful Sinks

kitchen sink creative ideas sink design

Stainless steel or white enamel may be the classic go-tos, but that doesn’t mean there’s not some room for creativity. Normally a focal point of kitchen design, your sink can broadcast a stylish vibe when you select hues like spring green or chili pepper red instead. These options offer the same durability you’d expect from their muted counterparts – tough enamel or ceramic with a bold hue that won’t fade during years of dishwashing, soaking, and rinsing.

Dramatic Fixtures

shutterstock 577107964

Function doesn’t have to be your only consideration when browsing fixtures like a faucet set. Depending on the height and style, your faucet can speak volumes about your decor all by itself – pair it with an attractive backsplash and you’ll have a kitchen that’s a visual joy to cook in. Just make sure to take measurements for ideal height and placement before looking for your fixtures – you don’t want to find out the hard way that your perfect set won’t fit!

Mixed Media Countertops

shutterstock 134654477

Granite is no longer the only game in town: savvy designers are mixing materials like smooth, durable wood and insets of quartz for a hot pan-friendly serving and prep surface built right in. A slab of inset stone beside the sink will also make meat and vegetable prep a breeze – simply brush or wipe excess scraps into the nearby basin for quick and easy cleanup.

Your kitchen should always be a reflection of your personal style – these trends will help make it happen! Just remember, no matter what your vision may be for design, make sure your infrastructure – electricity, plumbing, and so on – is ready to take on the task before work begins. 

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